School jobs to be axed

A PROGRAMME which helps highlight areas that schools need to improve on will have to reduce its workforce by two thirds.

The head of learning, achievement and school improvement at Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) said she will have to make the cuts as a result of reduced Government funding.

Speaking at an NCC overview and scrutiny meeting last week Rachel Singer said she would have to reduce staff numbers from 107 to 34 due to a reduction in the grant allocated by the Department of Education.

Ms Singer said: “What we are seeing is a massive reduction in our ability to monitor and support schools. As more schools move towards academy status the risk of maintaining regularity in standards for all children in schools in the county is a worry.

“I think this is a really worrying time and I don’t want to be part of a generation that takes part in dismantling a cherished profession.”

Ms Singer likened the work of the local authority in the past to someone who is in charge of the “thermometer and the thermostat.” But as a result of funding cuts and an increasing number of academies she said the county council would only have the resources to be able to “tell the temperature” of schools in the future.

Despite the cuts the council will remain in charge of the school admissions process.