School celebrates students coming to end of GCSEs

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YEAR 11 students at Daventry’s William Parker School celebrated on Friday.

Head of Year 11 Lynne Joyce said: “I was dressed as a wicked witch, my tutors were dressed as school girls, school boy, Victorian headmaster and sumo women, our deputy head dressed as a hippy!

“The students came in a variety of costumes. They all looked amazing!

“The students spent time with their tutor then more than 160 took part in outdoor games, three legged race and tug of war. We had lunch together.

“Then an award ceremony, a performance by Karl Brown 2010 X Factor contestant, a performance by Richard Samson one of our supply teachers, followed by a disco.

“There were several highlights, Bryn as Andy Pipkin , James and Aaron in their Sumo suits and the amazing hidden talent of Kieran Clarke, what a fantastic dancer!

“We have incredible students at William Parker, I am so proud of each and every one of them.”