Santa’s sleigh tours Daventry from Monday

MHDE-13-12-11 SLEIGH DEC41 (3)'The rotary Santa's Sleigh.
MHDE-13-12-11 SLEIGH DEC41 (3)'The rotary Santa's Sleigh.

Santa will dust down his sleigh and squeeze into his costume on Monday when he begins his seasonal tour of Daventry District.

The tour, organised by Danetre Rotary and supported by up to 350 volunteers, will be making daily stops between then and December 23 and raising money for local causes on the way. Last year Santa and his helpers raised over £10,000 for charity, which was divided up between the organisations taking part based on the amount of time they had spent collecting.

Jane Nichols, coordinator, said: “Despite the recession, last year’s total proved just how generous people in Daventry are. The great thing about the money raised at this event is that it all stays in Daventry – it’s a great example of local people helping local causes and it wouldn’t be possible without the kindness of everyone involved.”

The tour has been running for over 40 years and this year involves 24 organisations in the district.

Jane added: “It’s successful because of the kindness and determination of our volunteers – they give up their evenings and come out in all weather and conditions. They’ve brightened up countless dark December nights over the years.

“We’ve done our best to cover as much of the district as our license allows and I’d urge everyone to get behind Santa and his team.”

Danetre Rotary would like to thank Thorntons and Grand Meads Florists in Bowen Square in particular for their continued support.

The full timetable is as follows: Monday December 2, Long Buckby Rugby Club and Market Sqaure; Tuesday December 3, Southbrook, Newnham and Badby; Wednesday December 4, Nether Heyford; Thursday December 5, New Forest, Royal Gardens, Timpkin and Royal Orchard; Friday December 6, Stefan Hill and Daneholme; Monday December 9, Grange (north), Kilsby and Barby; Tuesday December 10, Dingle, Slade and Braunston; Wednesday December 11, Weedon; Thursday December 12, Middlemore and Ashby Fields; Friday December 13, Danetre Drive and St Andrew’s Drive; Saturday December 14, Byfield; Monday December 16, Grange (south, Cherry Orchard, Welton and Norton; Tuesday December 17, Headlands and Inlands; Wednesday December 18, Everdon and Flore; Thursday December 19, town centre (west), Drayton and Staverton; Friday December 20, Lang Farm; Monday December 23, Deventry Country Park (in the morning).