Samaritan returned my missing child

Pictured are Maggie and Megan Evans
Pictured are Maggie and Megan Evans
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A mother from Daventry is appealing for the mysterious good Samaritan who helped find her missing daughter to come forward.

Maggie Evans from Arnull Crescent was woken at 8.30am on Monday by the police to say they had found her four-year-old daughter Megan. However, the shocked mum was unaware her daughter had gone from her bed.

She said: “We had left the key in the back door, so she had unlocked the door and decided she was going to go out.

“She walked half a mile in her bare feet before she was spotted by a woman who stayed with her, called the police and made sure she got back home safely.

“Megan is afraid of policemen because she thinks they put naughty people away and she thought, as she was being naughty, that she’d be locked away when they came for her.

“She told me afterwards she was going to see her auntie who lives in Ashby Road.”

Mrs Evans is now appealingfor the lady to come forward so she can meet her.

The mother of two said: “All I know about the lady is that she works in Tesco in New Street, but nothing else.

“I just want the chance to thank her properly for looking after my daughter and give her a small reward for her help. I can’t imagine what might have happened if she hadn’t helped.”

If you are the person who helped, call Mrs Evans on 07828 389991.