Safety concerns at church yard

PART of the church yard at Daventry’s Holy Cross may have to be closed after surveyors found the roof is still decaying.

Investigative work this week has found there may be a danger of stones falling into the church yard over the coming months.

The church needs to raise £129,000 before the end of the year to secure a £197,000 grant being offered by English Heritage.

It has been placed at risk because of the poor condition of its upper level stonework and balustrading.

So far more than £12,000 has been raised, £1,700 of which was donated at a fashion show last Friday night.

Church warden Peter Wagstaff said: “There has been some investigation work going on this week.

“This is part of finding out what’s needed so we can get a more accurate cost of how much the repair work will be.

“What they are doing is taking off some of the cement rendering which was put over the stone in times past.

“Water has got behind it and the surveyors are worried about the condition.

“It’s becoming possible that we might have to barrier off some of the church yard in a few months.

“It’s safe at the moment but if it continues to decay we may have to take action.”

The fashion show was held at the Daventry Court Hotel with around 280 people turning out to support the cause.

Organiser Steve Challen said: “We are immensely grateful to Puma Hotels for providing such a high quality venue, and to the staff at The Daventry Court Hotel who provided fantastic service and support on the evening.”

Canon Michael Webber added: “I give my thanks to all involved who helped make this evening the success it was. It was great to see so many people support and enjoy this event.”

Daventry Choral Society also donated more than £500.