Safety calls after latest crash

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THE latest accident on a notorious bend has prompted fresh criticism that action to make it safer should have been taken sooner.

A black Ford Mondeo travelling towards Daventry on the A361 Ashby St Ledgers bend went off the road at around 2.10pm on Monday. While the driver only suffered minor injuries, it is the latest in a series of serious crashes including an accident in June in which Gemma Stanley, 19, from Coventry, died.

Speed limit changes, introduced by NCC, will see it drop from 60mph to 40mph and will be introduced at a point 487 metres north of the junction with main street and a point 275 metres south of that junction. It is currently going through the process required by traffic regulation orders and it will be two months before new signs are installed.

The news was welcomed by campaigners who have long argued to make the road safer.

Daventry district councillor for the area Richard Atterbury said: “I know it has to go through procedures but it seems a shame something like this could not have been introduced quicker.

“I think the road could have been made a lot safer if it were straightened out. The bends near to Ashby St Ledgers are really bad.

“I would hope that it will make a difference. We have to try and make it safer.”

An NCC spokesman said, in the meantime, it will be reviewing road signs in the area to make sure they are clear and visible.

The council will also be checking and repainting road markings where necessary as well as cutting back verges and hedges.