Runner joins the elite after marathon joy

Darren Weston
Darren Weston
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A cobbler from Daventry pounded the streets of Chicago on Sunday, October 12, to finish a marathon in an incredible time of under three hours.

Darren Weston, 48, has ran his own cobblers on Bishops Court for over nine years.

He now enjoys the privileged status as an elite runner after completing the Chicago 2014 marathon in an astonishing two hours, 59 minutes and 14 seconds.

Mr Weston was one of 45,000 runners to compete in the marathon, along with his friends Mark Haycock and Melanie Cotton, both of whom also achieved personal bests.

Mr Weston said: “I have ben running for about 30 yeears and I have been a part of Daventry Road Runners for about 20 years. I started running when I was about 18.

“For every marathon runner, finishing in under three hours is a magic feeling. It was quite emotional when I finished and I realised I had beaten the three-hour mark, something I had been trying for all my life.

“I was absolutely ecstatic. It is getting harder to run as I get older; I thought I had missed my chance.”

The Chicago run was Mr Weston’s ninth full marathon. He has also completed 250 half marathons.

“The support we got from the crowd was incredible,” Mr Weston said. “There were thousands of people lining the route, it felt like being a pop star being screamed at.

“Every runner feels extra special .”

“My family are really proud of me, and I want to thank all my customers, friends and relatives for all the support and kind messages.”

Mr Weston said he would keep running as he trains for his a marathon in aid of cancer charities next year. This will take place along the Great Wall of China.