Romans take over a primary school

AN INVASION of Romans has taken place at a village primary school.

Pupils aged between seven and 10 at Badby Primary School declared war and over threw the headteacher.

Throughout the week the youngsters carried out a lot of the teacher’s duties.

Class Four teacher Ben Edge said: “It was all based around a topic that we are doing about the Romans and we thought this would be a good way of helping to bring it to life.

“I think the teachers thought it was a bit of a joke first when I said we are going to overthrow the teacher but once we carried it out, they really got into it.

“It cane round at the end of the week for us to hand back power to the headteacher and I think a couple of them were really reluctant, I think they quite liked the power.”

The week of activities also saw the children looking at what the Romans did, how they dressed and the type of fights they had.

They spent time making shields and helmets and staged a battle scene on Thursday, October 13.

Mr Edge said: “It was a really good week. I think the children really enjoyed themselves throughout. It was quite exciting for them to have a week like this.”

“Having a day like this helps to bring it to life a little bit more and make it a more memorable experience for them.