Road safety 
on agenda for
village meeting

RESIDENTS will get the chance to discuss the main road in their village on Tuesday after a serious crash.

At around 1am on Friday, November 9, there was a three-vehicle crash in Daventry Road, Norton.

The car collided with a parked vehicle and pushed that into another car.

A 32-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.

Norton Parish Council will meet at 7.30pm on November 20 in the village’s hall for its regular meeting and will include discussion about the road.

Daventry Road runs through Norton linking Daventry with the A5 and the Nobottle Road, which forms a back way to Northampton.

Parish councillor, Lea Davidson, said: “I personally heard the accident and saw the aftermath. I have a young family and am thankful that this did not occur earlier in the day when my wife or others might have been putting children into our cars.

“There have been a series of accidents along this road over the years. We need to hear from residents to get their views and see if people think there’s anything that can be done – like some form of traffic calming.

“I think if the response at the meeting supports it, setting up an action group supported by the parish council would be one way forward.”