Rising star set for Cannes film debut

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An actress from Daventry will be rubbing shoulders with the stars at the Cannes film festival this month for the premiere of a new romantic comedy.

Nicola McAdam, 31, who attended Southbrook Junior School and Danetre School, will appear in new film ‘I Know What I’m Doing’ set in rural Yorkshire.

The actress plays Shelley in Robbie Moffat’s movie which stars Emily Bergl from Desperate Housewives.

Ms McAdam said: “The film is about an epic love. The main character, June, is inspired by my character who isn’t very wealthy but has a genuine love with a gardener. June then goes on to meet a penniless artistic guy.”

The film will premier on May 20 at the most prestigious film festival in the world. Ms McAdams says while I Know What I’m Doing is not the biggest film at the festival, she hopes it will be picked up and released in cinemas.

She added: “This is the first time I have seen myself on the big screen and although it’s more of a cameo part my character influences the actions of the lead. I left business for acting four years ago and since then I have appeared in low budget films and plays so I’m really happy to be making steps and moving forward in acting.”

Ms McAdams, now living in London, said she comes back to Daventry to visit family.

She said: “It’s great to come from a little town like Daventry and go on to appear on the big screen.”


Nicola McAdam left a career in business to follow her acting dreams and landed her part in I Know What I’m Doing within four years.

She said: “I went to Northampton College and then to the University of Leeds to study business but I’ve always enjoyed performing and making everybody laugh.

“I presented on student radio at uni and did a GCSE in drama then as I got older I realised I wasn’t being fulfilled in business and I had the confidence to try acting and make it happen. I feel like things are just starting to take off for me now.”

I Know What I’m Doing is Ms McAdam’s first appearance on the big screen when she plays Shelley. She will then be going on to perform on stage as the lead in a 1960s fictional political drama ‘Super Tuesday’ at the Edinburgh festival in August.