Rising bollards plan for new Daventry bus route

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A NEW bus route through Daventry is being planned to better link estates into the town centre.

Part of the work to implement the new route will see the Taper Way link between the Timken and Headlands estate closed to non-buses using automatic bus gates, typically rising bollards.

Daventry District Council is looking at the route, which will include using bus gates to stop cars cutting through Taper Way.

The route would run from the Middlemore estate, onto the Heartlands industrual estate, then to Sopwith Way, cutting through to the Timken estate, through the Headlands and to the town centre.

There will be bus gates between Middlemore and the Heartlands, and between Sopwith Way and Timken.

Taper Way already has bus gates, but they have never been activated as the type installed by the developer was not the type used by county buses.

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