‘Reverse advent’ at village school

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Children at a village school got into the true spirit of Christmas by taking part in a reverse Advent calendar.

Every class at Weedon Bec Primary School was involved in the process, which saw children bringing in items to be donated to a good cause.

Teacher Aimee Wood said: “I teach the year threes RE and we were talking about Advent, and they brought up the topic of their Advent calendars and what they mean.

“Then one of the children mentioned they had read online about people donating items, rather than receiving them, during Advent.

“I looked it up and found out about the reverse Advent calendar idea.

“We decided to do it and because their main teacher Anna Rushall volunteers at Daventry Food Bank, we thought it would be good to support them.

“It really fits well with our school ethos of ‘community’ and its got the children thinking about the real Christmas message.”

Pupils in each class were assigned a day to bring their item in between December 1 and 14.

The items were collected in each classroom so pupils could see the results of their class’s donations.

Then on Wednesday last week the goods were collected up by the year three pupils, checked and sorted, and then taken over to the food bank in Daventry.

Donated items ranged from everyday essentials like pasta, rice and tinned vegetables, through to more festive ones including biscuits, stuffing and chocolate.