Reveal new you with free wellness sessions in Daventry and Bugbrooke

his is Fiona Campion who lost 5 stone and went on to become the coach at Bugbrooke.
his is Fiona Campion who lost 5 stone and went on to become the coach at Bugbrooke.

Free wellbeing sessions are taking place in Daventry at an open house event this week.

WW, the new Weight Watchers, is giving people the chance to experience a WW Wellness Workshop.

Daventry Wellness coaches will be showcasing how to build healthy habits for life.

Residents will have the opportunity to hear about the programme, participate in prize draws and even try WW products and snacks.

The WW programme builds on the highly successful and effective SmartPoints® system.

WW Coach, Sue Howe, said: “Unlike fad diets and quick fixes, WW is a liveable programme, which means that life doesn’t have to stop while you lose weight.

“It provides a flexible and balanced approach to leading a healthier, happier lifestyle, while working towards your individual wellness goals.

“In 2018 alone, residents in Daventry and Bugbrooke have seen a positive impact on their mindset, marking the beginning of their new healthy lifestyle.

“I’m looking forward to welcoming any local residents who visit the WW Wellness Workshops at Daventry Active studio Daventry and the Bugbrooke Community Centre.”

She said to become a true partner in wellness, WW is evolving all aspects of how it is integrated in people’s lives.

Sue said: “We will be showing the Daventry residents an enhanced digital experience with more holistic focus on wellness.”

The times are Daventry 9am, 10.30am and 5.45pm on Wednesday and Bugbrooke at 7pm on Wednesday.

For more information on the sessions or the WW programme, telephone Karen Kirby on 07541 708770.