Return to the small screen for Weedon writer’s hit sitcom

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THE second series of a TV sitcom written by a man who grew up in Weedon has started production.

Tom MacRae has written another series of Threesome, an original sitcom from Comedy Central.

The first series saw three inseperable friends on the verge of turning 30.

It marks a joyous return for Tom who has written three episodes of the sci-fi series Doctor Who and recently signed to an American agent with a view to doing filmwork.

The former Campion School pupil said: “There was a lot of positive feedback and the ratings were very good, among the highest for Comedy Central, so I was very pleased with the reaction and delighted to be comissioned for the second series.

“It has been a delight to get all of the actors back together as they have all been very busy on other projects. Emun [Elliott] has been working on the big budget Ridley Scott movie Prometheus, Amy [Huberman] has been filming a series in the States with NBC while Stephen [Wright] has been in the West End run of The Ladykillers.”

Tom has been writing the seven episodes quickly to get the show ready for production. He added: “It has been a mix because it is great to be writing for the characters again but there is a pressure to make it as good as the first series.

“I think the second series is better but it was a case of making sure you don’t write jokes which have been done before about people who have children.

“It has also been easier to sell the show to other actors coming in, and we have got a lot of big name guest stars appearing on the show.”

A final transmission date has yet to be fixed.

Tom said: “It is likely to be on in late summer or early autumn as it has been put into production quite quickly. The schedule is very tight so we will still be editing the show when the first episode gets transmitted.”