Rethink over posters at Daventry Bus Station

Some of the posters at the town's bus station.
Some of the posters at the town's bus station.

A new campaign to highlight Daventry as a great place to live ran into trouble within 24 hours after posters blocked views at the town’s bus station.

The Love Daventry branding is designed to promote the town and wider district to people who may think of moving here, tourists, and businesses who could bring skilled jobs to the area.

On Monday Daventry District Council workers put up signs at the entrance to the New Street Rec, hoardings in the High Street, and vinyl window stickers on the shelters at Daventry Bus Station.

But within 24 hours DDC admitted the signs at the bus station were not what they had planned after complaints were made about safety and not being able to see what buses were waiting.

Bus station user Karen Powell said: “You can’t see what buses are pulling up outside.

“People have to keep on getting up to check out the entrance.

“You can’t see what’s going on inside the shelters either. It feels quiet intimidating.”

Frank Smith said while waiting for a bus: “I don’t rate the posters. Why they decided to put them on a bus shelter I don’t know. You can’t see which buses are pulling up.

“Also, you can’t see into them so it might encourage people to do all sorts of things. And what happens if someone’s threatened or worse in one of the shelters?

“I was waiting a while ago and asked someone not to smoke in the shelter and he said threatened to give me a pasting.

“It wouldn’t take much – cut the height down or only put them on one or two windows.”

The problem also sparked comments from councillors. Lynne Taylor from Daventry Town Council said: “People need to sort this out. The issue is about safety.

“If it’s raining everybody would be in the shelters, but near the entrances to they could see the buses.

“Also people walking by, any police, or CCTV cameras couldn’t see in to prevent any problems.”

The council quickly admitted it had been caught out by just how opaque the posters were and said some of them would be removed on Wednesday to try and resolve the visibility issues.

Daventry District Council’s resources manager Tony Gillet said: “The posters are not as transparent as they could be, so we will be moving some of them to address any concerns about visibility.

“We hope the new posters, along with the Love Daventry shop front in High Street and improved public noticeboards, will be a positive, eye-catching contribution towards promoting the town as a great place to live, work and visit.”

The Love Daventry campaign highlights aspects of the district including its central location in England’s transport network, its heritage, local food and drink, sports, events and festivals, the high-tech industries based here, and DDC’s future plans for the town centre.