Residents strengthen bid to save college playing field

The site of the Daventry Campus of Northampton College
The site of the Daventry Campus of Northampton College

An opposition group has been set up to ensure the playing field of the Daventry campus of Northampton College is not used for housing.

The College Ground Action Group was formed on Tuesday night following a meeting at The Pike and Eel on the Grange estate.

It was originally formed as a steering group but has now been set up as an official group which will take concerns to a meeting of Daventry Town Council’s planning committee tonight (Thursday).

One of the group’s members, Steve Lawes, said: “We had around 40 people come along to the meeting, all because we are very concerned that the college site is up for sale. We are all worried that we would loose the playing field that is attached to the site because it is the only bit of green space on this side of the town.

“We have spoken to the chairman of the Drayton Grange teams who play football matches on this space and have been using it for the past 30 years. If the field is taken away it could have a major impact on the teams.

“We will see what the town council says before deciding on the next step.”

Northampton College has said it only intends to seek permission to build homes on the land currently occupied by the college buildings, but residents are concerned the proposals may change.

The town council meeting will take place at 6.30pm at its offices in New Street.