Residents shut the door on cold callers

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A NO cold calling zone has been introduced in part of Daventry.

The Borough Hill zone, the first of its kind in the town, aims to tackle doorstep crime and improve residents’ feeling of security.

Introduced by the residents’ association and backed by trading standards, it means door-to-door salesmen should not operate in the area.

It also reminds householders not to answer the door unexpected visits from people saying they are from utility firms or similar – a common pretence in distraction burglaries.

Cllr Alan Hills, who chairs the Borough Hill Residents’ Association and represents the area on Northamptonshire County Council, said: “After the suggestion at the association meeting we went out to residents and asked if they supported it, and they were behind the idea. Trading Standards then did a questionnaire which also got positive responses.

“This is a low crime area, but some of those crimes have been distraction burglaries and this is another step toward stopping those kind of crimes..

“It’s taken a few months to get into place – we had to raise £600 for the signs which we paid for using our subscriptions, plus I gave £100 from my county councillor empowerment fund.”

As well as the street signs, residents will be given stickers to display near their doors to remind visitors of the rules, and they will all receive leaflets outlining the new zone and what they can expect.

Bernard Jolley, Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for the Borough Hill area, suggested the zone initially. He said: “I had seen areas in villages that had these signs up saying they were a no cold calling zone and I thought it would be a good idea for us to have a look at and possibly take it further.”

The zone covers the area of St Andrews Drive, Sunningdale Drive, The Fairway, Hillside and roads off them. Firms breaching the rules can find themselves reported to trading standards.