Residents of Northamptonshire village still need to boil tap water

Anglian WaterAnglian Water
Anglian Water
Work and tests to ensure a village’s water supply are safe to drink is continuing today.

A boil notice was put in place in Upper Boddington last Thursday, warning people against drinking water straight from the tap or using it to brush their teeth or prepare food.

High pressure jets of air have been used by Anglian Water workers to clean the village pipes yesterday and the work will continue today.

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More tests will then be carried out, the results of which can take 48 hours to come through.

A spokesman said Anglian Water had so far made two rounds of deliveries of bottled water to affected homes.

Although the company stressed it did not want to make predictions on timescales, it is understood to be likely that the village tap water will be drinkable again without boiling by the beginning of next week.

The spokesman said: “We will keep the notice in place only as long as necessary.

“It goes without saying we are sorry for the inconvenience but you can’t rush these tests.”