Residents at care home have a great time to raise funds for charity

Residents visiting the lights in Daventry
Residents visiting the lights in Daventry

The residents of the Wheatsheaf Care Home in Daventry had a great time when they went out to see the Christmas lights in the town.

Staff at the care home take the residents out every year for the trip but this year they were joined by a Shetland pony dressed as Rudolf for their trip.

They also went out with collection buckets and raised money for the Alzhemier’s Society.

Sonja Young, activities co-ordinator from the care home, said: “Our residents had a great time, they enjoyed the lights, the chips the ponies and just being out in the town.

“Many our other residents have dementia, but they still enjoy socialising and doing everyday things.

“We like to get out and about in the community when we can.

“We managed to raise £67.75 for the Alzheimer’s Society, so I thank the public for that.” The residents went from Sheaf Street round to the High Street and then back to the home in Sheaf Street.

Eighteen residents went out in the town on Friday, December 12.

It has been a busy few weeks for the residents as they have also been to the Winter Wonderland in Northampton.

Mrs Young added: “It was magical seeing their eyes light up as they stepped into a different world with moving polar bears.”

They have also seen the pantomime Puss in Boots and listened to a concert playing vintage music.