Reopening for Long Buckby restaurant hit by arson

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A restaurant forced to closed for two years after a suspected arson attack, has reopened in Long Buckby.

La Tiella recently reopened on High Street but is already fully booked on Saturdays after word-of-mouth spread.

The restaurant, previously called Cuisine 15, is run by Alper and Debbie Ozdogan.

In November 2010 shortly after closing for the night, Cuisine 15 was the target of an arson attack, which caused more than £50,000 of damage.

Mr Ozdogan, who lives in Desborough, said: “Cuisine 15 was a Turkish restaurant, but La Tiella is an Italian fine dining restaurant.

“The name comes from our daughters. In 2004 we had our second daughter but we couldn’t decided between the names Tia and Ella. Our older daughter who was then five suggested combining the names as Tiella. Later we found in the Naples region of Italy that la tiella means the cooking pot!

“There are only three restaurants in the world named Tiella; one in Naples, one in New York, and here in Long Buckby.”

Recovering from the fire has taken two years, but now the new restaurant is up and running.

Mr Ozdogan said: “The fire took a long time to get over and sort everything out. It ruined the inside of the building, which has stood empty since then.

“We have transformed the inside and had an interior designer involved. I don’t think people will believe it until they see it.

“We decided to switch from Turkish to Italian food because we thought it would be more viable, plus I found a fantastic chef who I managed to get out of retirement.

“From my point of view opening a restaurant again here after two years has been fantastic. The response we have had as well has been brilliant.

“We’ve not advertised the fact we’ve reopened yet, but already we’re finding ourselves fully booked on Saturdays and the week nights are starting to get busier too.

“It’s been a great response from the village generally too.”