Renewed calls to get safety improved on Daventry road

The launch of the petition at Falconers Hill Infant School on Friday.
The launch of the petition at Falconers Hill Infant School on Friday.

A new petition has been launched calling for safety improvements to be made to Ashby Road in Daventry.

The petition was launched at Falconers Hill Infant School on Friday where parents, staff and governors had an opportunity to sign it.

The new call for action is being led by Cllr Chris Long, and it asks both Daventry District and Northamptonshire County councils to take action over the road.

Ashby Road is a major route through the north of Daventry, linking many estates to the town centre.

It also has four schools, plus another one under construction, a community centre, and shop.

Falconers Hill Infant School head Coleen Wilkins said: “Our school holds a walk to school breakfast on the last Friday of each month to encourage families to walk, cycle or scoot to school.

“This involves many of the families crossing the Ashby Road at a very busy time of day and parents are very concerned about the volume and speed of traffic which has resulted in many near misses on the old zebra crossing outside the school.

“They have been actively involved in a road safety campaign to have a controlled crossing installed and Chris Long joined the staff and families for breakfast to start signing a petition for a review of road safety on Ashby Road.”

Gloria Edwards Davidson, a governor at Falconers Hill Infants, said: “The current petition initiated by Cllr Chris Long assisted by fellow governor Caroline Awmack serves to reiterate the long term need for action to be taken.

“Falconers Hill Infant School staff work over and above the norm to give children the best start in life. However the risks involved in children going to and from school are escalating after years of no action regarding an appropriate school crossing.”

Following a meeting called by Mrs Edwards Davidson last year, Daventry District Council said it would review the road and see what measures would be appropriate.

Ian Vincent, DDC’s chief executive said: “Daventry District Council commissioned a study to review road safety on Ashby Road and to recommend measures should any problems be identified. The report will be discussed with our partners once it has been finalised.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Creating safer roads is a priority for the county council and we aware of the concerns surrounding Ashby Road in Daventry. We are working with partners to explore options for increased road safety on this stretch of highway.”