Regeneration on estate ‘overdue’

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COMMUNITY regeneration on Daventry’s Southbrook estate is one of the issues residents are being invited to have their say on in a new council document.

During a meeting of Daventry District Council’s (DDC) strategy group on Thursday last week, Cllr Chris Over said regeneration was overdue on the estate.

He was discussing the Daventry Settlements and Countryside Local Plan, a document about the future of the district which will go out to public consultation. One of the areas outlined is regeneration on the Southbrook estate.

Cllr Alan Hills, who represents the area at DDC, said: “I would agree with Chris’ comments, there is regeneration needed on the estate.

“I think what people on the estate would like to see is a bigger community centre. The school is fantastic but it would be great to see it expanded.

“We have got some shops on the estate but it would be good to have some more and generally the area made a little safer, so there are less dark places to hide in.”

The Daventry Settlements and Countryside Local Plan has been agreed upon by the council and will now go out to public consultation.

Cllr Kay Driver, DDC’s strategic planning and strategic health portfolio holder, said: “The document will now go out to public consultation and we are looking for as many people to come forward with ideas as possible.

“We are hoping to arrange a series of public meetings across the Daventry district which will give people the chance to speak out about what they would like to see in the plans.”

Among the ideas put forward in the plan includes housing developments on the town’s Middlemore and Monksmoor estates, additional retail space in the town centre, improved public transport systems and access to Long Buckby train station.

There is also a need to build 1,355 homes in the rural areas between 2011 and 2026.

Cllr Driver added: “We would like to hear from any villages that would like extra homes and we would hope that these can be provided where they are needed.”

The public consultation will last for six weeks with a more detailed plan to be drawn up and published in March next year.

However it could be February 2015 before it is formally adopted by the council.