Refreshments now arriving at Long Buckby Station

Bella the MYO Streetfood van
Bella the MYO Streetfood van

Long Buckby Station is finally set to get an upgrade – with a hot food and drink service set to start.

Later this month MYO Streetfood will start offering hot drinks and food from its vehicle at the station for travellers and passersby.

Victoria Ponsford

Victoria Ponsford

Victoria Ponsford set up and runs MYO and will be bringing the service to Long Buckby.

She said: “The van we will have at the station will have Fairtrade Columbian coffee, properly made, we will be doing bacon sandwiches, on the go snacks, and really nice burgers too.

“We will be doing pizza as well one or two days a week as a special extra. We’re talking to local butchers to get locally sourced bacon and burgers. We want to offer real quality food to our customers.

“It will evolve as we’re going along as we speak to customers and see what they want. We’re even looking at doing pre-ordering, so people can pick up their food as they arrive for their train, as I imagine many of them will be in a bit of a hurry.”

The street food truck is set to be open from Monday, February 27, at the station, serving from 6am to 3pm.

The van, named Arabella (Bella for short) is a converted 1980 yellow Renault Estafette. The van is equipped with a coffee machine, griddle and oven.

The food van has a page at

Victoria said: “I started off in business three years ago. I love food and have a bit of an obsession for it. MYO stands for ‘make your own’ because we wanted to offer people a choice and a chance to shape what we do.

“I went to Italy and came up with the idea for my first van which was for fresh cooked pizza.

“As we took that out we decided to add coffee to what we were offering as well.

“As I still have the other van to run, I’m looking for someone to come on board and help at Long Buckby.

“I designed the makeover the vans had and I’m quite proud of them. I just hope people at the station like the quality we’re offering and embrace what we’re doing.”