Red Dwarf star flies in to open new cafe

Chris Barrie
Chris Barrie

An actor from the comedy 
science fiction series Red Dwarf was due to open a new coffee and comic book shop in Daventry today (Thursday).

Chris Barrie is best known for his role as Arnold Rimmer in the long-running cult show which started in 1988. He is cutting the ribbon on Kuni’s Coffee and Comics which has a special grand opening between 4pm and 8pm.

The comic book and coffee shop will also be celebrating the opening day with costumed characters in the store.

Chris Barrie is also known as Gordon Brittas in the hugely successful The Brittas Empire and starred alongside Angelina Jolie as Hilary in the Tomb Raider movies.

The shop’s owner, Bryan Cooney, said: “We hope that this will be a vibrant and bright space for people to come and relax and enjoy a coffee. This is a cafe which will be very different to anything else in the town.

“There will be a coffee shop and a retail side which will be selling merchandise from comic books, the latest movies, manga and anime.

“This is going to be something that will interest the younger people in the town but we don’t want it to be something just for youngsters. I hope it will appeal to everyone.”

There will be a wide range of drinks, food and American candies.

The shop will be selling comics, anime, manga, 
DVD and plushie toys from many television shows and films.

Visitors to the shop will also be able to sit in booths and plug earphones into the stereo system to listen to what is playing on television screens.

Among the other attractions will be the chance to see a 7ft minion from the film, Despicable Me.

For further information about the store, visit or email

The Daventry Express has teamed up with Kuni’s Coffee and Comics to offer readers a free hot drink when they take in the coupon below.