Recycling plant aims to cut waste

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A NEW £3 million recycling plant is set to open in Daventry to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The plant, at the top of Browns Road, will handle approximately 21,000 tonnes of food and green waste every year from waste collections in the Daventry and Nuneaton areas.

Construction company Anglo Holt is the main contractor for the plant, which will open in September.

The facility, built on behalf of Earthworm PLC, will comprise of a reception hall with a volume of 6,060m3 where waste is received and pre-processed prior to transfer into the composters.

The Confederation of British Industry estimates that 300 landfill sites are due to close in the next ten years because of rising tax costs, meaning there will be a need for 2,000 new facilities such as this.

The Environment Services Association expects to spend between £10 billion and £20 billion to fund the infrastructure during the next eight years.

Earthworm director Spencer Burnham said: “This will help divert waste from landfill. It will save money and is environmentally friendly. We are aiming to build a further 10 or 12 of these across the region.”

The plant will employ three people and air inside the buildings is maintained at negative pressure to minimise external odours.

Cllr Chris Millar, leader of Daventry District Council said: “Northamptonshire as a whole has some challenging targets for reducing waste and facilities such as these can provide opportunities for assisting with these efforts, provided that they are operated effectively and considerately.”