Radio advert seeks to draw festive shoppers

A RADIO advert for Christmas shopping in Daventry has been launched for the first time.

The advertising campaign on Heart FM is being run by Daventry Business Partnership to promote the town in the lead up to the festive season.

Earlier this year a meeting of workers, business owners, the public and council staff and members, highlighted a need for better promotion of Daventry as key to improving the town centre.

Other objectives identified were to address unkempt areas of the town centre and to encourage inward investment.

A spokesman for the business partnership said: “The adverts, which started last week, are designed to encourage people to shop in Daventry for all their Christmas needs while at the same time supporting the town centre and the independent businesses within it.

“Featuring heavily in the promotion will be the Christmas shopping crawl with its chance to win an iPad.”

The shopping crawl, as reported in last week’s Daventry Express, encourages shoppers to visit 30 out of 40 mainly independent stores in the town centre before Monday, Demcember 17, where they can get a form stamped. Completed forms handed in by Tuesday, December 18 will then be entered into a draw at 5pm that day to win an iPad.

Cllr Chris Over represents the town centre as part of his DDC ward and is also economic, employment and regeneration portfolio holder.

He said: “This is excellent news that the business partnership is seeking to promote Daventry in this way and it’s a step in the right direction for the town.

“It’s a good initiative, particularly as it comes off the back of the meeting held just a couple of months ago into improving the town centre for all that use it and work there.

“Bringing people into the town is key to the long term success of the town centre and individual businesses within it.

“Christmas is obviously the next big celebration and is an important time for retailers, but we want Daventry to be the first choice for people across the local area when it comes to doing their shopping and other activities as well.

“Daventry has excellent shops, cafes, and other businesses, and is supported by free and convenient parking, and the offer it has in terms of shops is improving all the time and with the Henry Boot proposals, if they are approved, will take a jump forward in the near future.” (See pages 6-7).