Putting on their dancing shoes to raise funds for charity

Dance off at DSLV
Dance off at DSLV

Staff and students joined together to raise money for Against Breast Cancer and the Motor Neurone Disease Association at the DSLV.

It happened on Tuesday February 17 and saw the group dancing for six hours continuously in a sponsored event.

Dancing in teams, one of them had to remain on the floor for the full time. Instead of getting slower the dancing picked up as the timer moved closer to the finish.

Staff member Jon Evans said: “The atmosphere was brilliant, as were the dance skills on show, with everything from group dances to a street style dance off. We are immensely proud of our students and how they support good causes.

“Young people in Daventry come under fire a fair amount due to the behaviour of a noticeable few, but the vast majority are willing to go above and beyond for those less fortunate than themselves and they deserve all the praise they get.”