Pupils learn about mental health

Balloon launch at Woodford Halse
Balloon launch at Woodford Halse

Woodford Halse Primary School held a balloon launch to mark Mental Health Awareness Day last week.

Children took part in a number of activities throughout the day as part of the countywide initiative launched by the NHS and Northamptonshire County Council.

This included an assembly where pupils learned about the signs of depression. Proud parents also looked on as children received awards for good performance.

Mike Wills, head teacher at the primary school, said: “Being involved in the mental health project with the Targeted Mental Health in Schools project has really helped us to recognise the quality and quantity of work we do as a school to support children’s mental health. I would recommend it to all schools.”

Other activities such as a mufti day and themed mental health awareness assemblies also took place and there was other activities for secondary schools that took part in the initiative.

Emma Grinham, aged 18 and chair of the Mental Health Stigma Programme participation group, who planned the day said: “We all have mental health and mental health needs.

“It’s just that some of us can meet our own needs and others need help or support – and that’s OK.

“Mental health is everyone’s business and it’s our business to change people’s views and perspectives to reduce mental health stigma.

“We really hope that Mental Health Awareness Day can make some contribution towards this.”