Pulling together is a tradition!

The Eydon-Culworth Tug of War
The Eydon-Culworth Tug of War

A GROUP of villagers braved severe weather conditions for the annual tug of war event held at a village farm on New Year’s Day.

The traditional clash, which has been held for a number of years, saw a team from Eydon square up against a team from nearby Culworth.

The tug-of-war was held at Leadbeaters Farm near Eydon. Both the residents and the two teams had to deal with heavy winds and pouring rain but still the teams turned out and were cheered on by a crowd drawn from both villages. The contest was eventually won by Eydon with two pulls to nil.

A spokesman for the event said he was delighted with the event and was also pleased with the attendance of the event despite the weather conditions. He said: “Many thanks to all those hardy souls who braved the weather, the mud, and the risk of being swept away into the Cherwell to support the teams.” The tug-of-war is likely to be held again next year.