Public urged to get behind Masterplan

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PEOPLE have been urged to get behind Daventry District Council’s 2040 Masterplan for the town.

On Thursday last week councillors said the new masterplan, unveiled in last week’s Daventry Express, was an ‘aspirational’ vision that residents should buy into.

Chris Millar, leader of the council, said: “The people behind the open spaces application for Eastern Way have good intentions, I’m sure, for the future.

“But this land is very rarely used.

“In what we are trying to achieve there will be lots of open space. We are not just building over everywhere.

“But stopping development on that land could prevent the university technical college coming to Daventry, the Phoenix Youth Centre developing, and a new health centre – it’s very important that people understand that.”

The masterplan lays out the development of the town up to 2040 with the goal to make Daventry a centre for green industries with a new science park along with new woods and homes.

Cllr Alan Hills said: “Let’s make the public well aware of what they are looking at and the advantages.

“This is something to aspire to, to work towards.

“That aspiration has always been lacking in Daventry town and I fear that the town council has stuck its head in the sand.”

The leaders of both the Lib Dem and Labour groups both said they fully supported the Conservatives’ plans.

Mike Fletcher, spokesman for The Friends of Daventry Open Spaces (FODOS) is campaigning to keep the Eastern Way site as a playing field.

A spokesman said: “We cannot support any plan which does not start by protecting urban green space in the heart of the town.

“Making people drive to parks is not what we want. We want spaces where children and adults can easily walk or cycle to, so they can get away from their TVs.”