Pub to re-open as a steak house

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A village pub will reopen on Friday, January 24 as a specialist steak house and restaurant.

The Maltsters in Badby will become the Maltsters Steak House & Inn, with a complete restaurant refurbishment and new signage outside.

To mark the relaunch of the venue the Maltsters is holding a barn dance night.

Kevin Bloomfield, who runs the pub, said: “We took over the pub last year and refurbished the inside.

“But the plan was always to go this way.

“We looked at the building and found one of the dining rooms wasn’t being used as much at the others, unless it was for private functions. So that has now been transformed with chalkboards on the walls detailing all the different cuts we have and the various sauces too.

“We wanted to keep to the ethos we run the rest of the restaurant by so everything is made in our kitchens – although we have to buy the meat in obviously.

“Before I came here I worked at places like Beefeater, so I have a background in steak houses. I learnt a lot there about what people like, and about how these places promote themselves.

“When we came to the Maltsters we took what we knew and we looked at what the people here wanted and might like.

“What we also noticed was there weren’t any village pubs around here that sold good quality simple food anymore.

“Hopefully it’ll be something that people, families, couples and friends will find is a good value and quality place to come.”