Protect your dog with vaccinations

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Vets at Kenwood Veterinary Surgery in Daventry are raising awareness of the importance of pet vaccination for dogs in attempt to help prevent a deadly disease.

To help owners who may have fallen behind with their dog’s immunisation, the surgery has announced an immediate vaccine amnesty allowing them to restart a complete vaccination programme for the price of a single booster.

The amnesty will run through until the end of September.

Vet Laura Fletcher said: “Parvovirus can easily be spread either via dog faeces, direct dog to dog contact, or even brought into the household on shoes.

“When it affects unprotected dogs young or old it can be particularly unpleasant with continual severe vomiting and bloody diarrhoea, in many cases despite the best veterinary care the dog cannot be saved.” Laura continues,

“The distress to the dogs and for their owners is obvious.”

She said the message needs to get through to all owners.

Laura added: “Unfortunately there are still a large number of dogs which have never been vaccinated or whose vaccinations have lapsed and this is why the outbreaks occur.

“Vaccination is only part of the preventive health picture, if dogs are missing vaccination boosters; they are also losing out on the opportunity for general health checks.”

Kenwood Veterinary Surgeries run their own ‘Best Health Club’ which helps owners plan and pay for all of their pet’s preventative health such as vaccination and flea and worm treatments in regular monthly payments. As a member of the club there are also a range of other benefits all designed to help maintain good pet health.

For more information, telephone Kenwood Veterinary Surgery on (01327) 702819.