Proposals to increase number of homes in Daventry

Development work
Development work

Plans have been put forward to enable housing developers to build above and below the ground - April Fool!!

It has been announced that areas that can not demonstrate a five year housing land supply will be able to build underground, effectively doubling the land available.

It also means that controversial planning applications may not go ahead as homes can now be built directly underneath existing properties.

Hans Moleman from Underground Homes Limited has already approached local officials with plans to build the state of the art new homes which will excavate large parts of the Earth.

Mr Moleman told the Daventry Express: “This seems like a very simple way of solving the housing crisis in places like Daventry.

“We have already started working on pilot projects across the UK.

“We would welcome suggestions for sites in the Daventry area.”

Anyone who has any suggestions on where the new homes could be built can call 01327 708288.