Proposal to upgrade town war memorial

Daventry War Memorial
Daventry War Memorial

Plans have been announced to improve Daventry’s war memorial in the run-up to the centenary of the start of the First World War.

On Monday night Daventry Town Council discussed the plans for landscaping around the monument in Abbey Street.

The town council is responsible for the upkeep of the memorial and wants to improve its setting before the upcoming commemorations.

On Monday they approved a new planting scheme that has been designed by Eden Landscapes, which includes flowering plants and shrubs. They also backed in principle improving lighting and placing a plaque on the site.

Douglas Laughton, from Eden Landscapes, told he meeting: “The monument is in a great location, high up.

“But at the moment there’s just a couple of patches of turf at the side with marigolds around it.

“I’ve chosen plants that will provide colour and interest throughout the year with the emphasis on red for obvious reasons, starting with tulips in the spring through to roses at the end of the season.”

Ornamental poppies will also being included in the design, and it is hoped the council will be able to get poppy seeds from the Royal British Legion as part of the commemorations.

Cllr Lynne Taylor said: “On Sunday for the Remembrance Service I think we had the biggest crowd in a long time.

“That goes to show the value placed on the war memorial by the people of Daventry and I think it is worth spending money on it.”

The planting scheme also includes several tall narrow conifers to echo the shape of the memorial itself.

Already the overgrown laurels on either side of the site have been cut back substantially to improve the setting of the memorial and make it easily visible from the road.

The meeting was told councillors had met with both Canon Michael Webber and the churchwarden of Holy Cross on the site to discuss the plans.

The lighting plan agreed in principal will involve spotlights to illuminate the monument, and a wooden plaque was mentioned as a way of commemorating the anniversary.