Project is a blooming success

Chris and Jenni Burton outside The Stop House near the Marina on the Grand Union Canal
Chris and Jenni Burton outside The Stop House near the Marina on the Grand Union Canal

Communities across Daventry District are blooming thanks to an initiative to commemorate the First World War centenary while increasing wildflower numbers.

People from 35 organisations were out and about earlier this year planting poppy and wildflower seeds for the Big Poppy Plant.

And everyone has been able to enjoy the fruits of their labour in recent weeks, as the poppies bloomed, creating beautiful patches of wildflowers in villages and towns District-wide.

At Lilbourne, residents planted seeds at the Rugby Road and Yelvertoft Road entrances to the village.

Jan Alexander, Vice Chair of Lilbourne Parish Council, said: “It’s wonderful we were given the opportunity to have the free seeds.

“A local farmer very kindly ploughed the strips of land for us and then we planted the seeds. We’ve had lots of very nice comments about the flowers from people in the village.”

In Barby the seed mixture was sown around the flag pole in the centre of the village, outside the Rectory and at the entrance to the village on Kilsby Road.

Members of the Barby Local History Group and the 1st Barby Brownies got involved in planting after Barby and Onley Parish Council applied for the seed from DDC.

In Braunston the Parish Council planted in the village Pocket Park, while Braunston Canal Society sowed wildflower mix at the Stop House on the Grand Union Canal.

Chris Burton, founder member of the Braunston Canal Society, said: “We’re really pleased to be part of the Big Poppy Plant, it’s a great idea.

“It fitted in very well with what we wanted to achieve at the Stop House and it’s helped us create a very nice area.”

The project was set up by DDC to commemorate 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War while improving the district’s biodiversity through planting poppies together with additional native species of wildflower.

A total of 35 organisations including parish councils and community groups planted seed mixes provided by DDC with additional funding from the Rotary Club of Danetre, in Daventry.

Cllr Daniel Cribbin, environment portfolio holder at Daventry District Council, said: “This has been a great way to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. It has been something that local people of all ages can enjoy together and is of great benefit to local wildlife.”