Problem noise highlighted in Daventry council’s campaign

Daventry District Council Offices
Daventry District Council Offices

The district council is trying to raise awareness of unwanted noise as part of Noise Action Week.

Daventry District Council is showing its support with useful advice for people whose lives are blighted by noise.

Running from May 18 to 23, Noise Action Week is a national campaign to raise awareness of the problems that too much noise can cause in our communities.

Half of the people surveyed during recent government research into the issue said their home life is spoilt by noise in some way.

Officers from Daventry District Council’s environmental health team investigate around 350 noise complaints each year.

The team is keen to raise awareness of the issue during Noise Action Week and remind people of the steps they should they have a problem with noise:

- Consider talking to the person or company responsible for the noise and point out the problem. You may find they are unaware that they are disturbing you. Remember, we may all be guilty of making noise at some time without realising its effects

- If the direct approach does not succeed, you may want to consider mediation. An independent third party will listen to the views of both parties and can help them to reach an agreement or compromise. Find out more from Mediation UK on 0117 9046661

- When informal action is not possible or fails, you can attempt to resolve the problem by seeking a more formal route. Phone DDC on 01327 871100 or report the matter online at

- If you are planning a party yourself it can be a good idea to let your neighbours know first and agree to turn the volume down at a reasonable time, in order to avoid any complaints.

Cllr Chris Millar, leader of Daventry District Council, said: “Summer’s on its way and that is usually the time of year we see an increase in noise complaints.

“While many of us enjoy making the most of the long evenings with a celebration or two, noise that is too intrusive or persistent can make others’ lives a misery.

“That’s why we want to highlight the steps that people can take to resolve any issues around noise, but also ask residents to show consideration to their neighbours.”