Prescription for better services

A NEW way of providing healthcare, being brought into the Daventry area ahead of other places, should see better services claim GPs.

Nene Commissioning has been named as a ‘pathfinder’ for the Government’s new scheme of getting doctors to decide how to deliver services to patients.

Local GP surgeries will take on commissioning services from April; a year ahead of the Government’s plans.

Dr Matthew Davies, from Abbey House Medical Practice in Daventry, said: “It’s absolutely great that we’ve been named as a pathfinder and we’re delighted about it.

“It means that we can commission services around people locally; although we’re not quite sure on the details as the Government hasn’t told us the operating framework yet.

“We will only judge it to be a success if patients notice improvements and better services.”

Currently if a patient needs an NHS service or treatment that is not provided by their GP they have to use ones commissioned by a county-wide trust.

The change to GP commissioning will hopefully mean services provided will better reflect what local people want.

Dr Davies said: “We would be aiming to do more locally, rather than having things done in Northampton.

“Sending someone to hospital has healthcare implications – they can pick up other illnesses, and they are in unfamiliar surroundings.

“Already we have looked at services. One of the most high-profile is end of life care.

“In Northamptonshire 20 per cent of people die at home; nationally it is about 50 per cent. And most terminally ill people want to spend their final days at home wherever possible.

“Our new service provides extra support and rapid response teams to help support people who want to stay at home.

“We also have a new elderly care services which allows older patients to be assessed and rapidly discharged from hospital so they can stay at home and be treated there.

“Patients are better served if they are treated at home wherever possible and not in a hospital.”