Praise for McDonald’s

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STAFF at McDonalds have been praised by a mother whose son hit his head when a car rolled into the window as they were dining.

The incident happened between 10.30am and 11am on Friday, August 31 when a driver left the handbrake off a car which then came rolling into the restaurant window, leaving two little boys and their grandmother shaken up.

One of the boys hit his head but was not seriously injured.

Restaurant manager Stacy Trivett called an ambulance immediately.

The boy’s mother, Kayleigh Turnland, of Middleton Road in Daventry, wrote to the Daventry Express to say thanks to the staff at McDonalds and say how well they worked as a team.

McDonalds franchisee Glyn Pashley said: “The welfare of our customers is a top priority and the manager, Stacy Trivett, who was on hand at the time was concerned for the family 
as she too is a mother and could put herself in that situation.

“I am delighted with Stacy who has been recently promoted for her constant hard work in the restaurant.

“Although I am not surprised that she reacted quickly and professionally as she always gives 100 per cent.”