Outgoing Daventry councillor urges young people to consider their involvement in politics

A departing Daventry District Councillor is urging young people to get involved in politics like he has, and said they should not be ‘intimidated’ by putting their name forward.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 4:32 pm
The resignation of Labour councillor Aiden Ramsey is likely to force a by-election

Aiden Ramsey served as a Labour councillor for Abbey North after being elected aged just 27 in May 2018. But he has had to cut short his tenure for personal reasons, as he is moving to Wales to live with his girlfriend as she studies to become a mental health nurse.

His resignation is likely to trigger a by-election for one of the three councillor positions for the ward. And he is keen to encourage younger people to consider getting involved with their local authority.

He said: “I’ve always been engaged in community projects in Daventry, since around 14 or 15 when I started running projects with the local youth centre. Going into council just seemed like a natural progression and I started to find my identity within politics. My main motivation was making a difference in the community that I grew up in.”

Asked if he had any advice for younger people who were thinking about getting into politics, he said: “Don’t let it be intimidating. I’ve spoken to a lot of young people and the idea I get from them is that because there’s this image of councillors and district councils, and this expectation of knowledge, background and experience, then younger people feel like it’s not a world that they can step into.

“When I got elected I wouldn’t say that I had answers to 100 per cent of the questions I was asked. But as long as you have that passion, then it’s something I would urge people to push ahead with, as they will learn along the way.”

A notice of election for the Abbey North Ward seat has been published as a result of his resignation, and potential candidates have until 4pm on Friday, September 27, to submit their nomination papers.

If the by-election is contested, then the polling day will be held on Thursday, October 24, and people living in Abbey North ward area of Daventry will be able to vote – this includes Middlemore, Timken, the Headlands, Drayton Park and part of Ashby Fields.