Jeremy Corbyn to call for general election to 'avoid Brexit crisis' in Northamptonshire speech

Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Getty Images
Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Getty Images

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to call for general election to avoid a Brexit 'crisis' in a speech in Northamptonshire today (Monday, August 19).

Mr Corbyn will say the Conservative party has 'failed' the country so a general election is needed to avoid a 'no-deal' exit from the European Union, multiple media outlets are reporting.

The Leader of the Opposition is due to make a speech in Corby later, social media reports suggest, but Labour has been contacted.

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be described as 'Britain's Trump' as his party as 'lurched to the hard right' under his leadership.

"A general election triggered by the Tory Brexit crisis will be a crossroads for our country. It will be a once-in-a-generation chance for a real change of direction, potentially on the scale of 1945 or 1979," he will say.

"And if there is a general election this autumn, Labour would commit to holding a public vote, to give voters the final say, with credible options for both sides, including the option to remain."