General Election 2019: Chris Heaton-Harris says he's come across 'a fair of bit of loneliness' while out campaigning

Chris Heaton-Harris
Chris Heaton-Harris

Conservative candidate in Daventry, Chris Heaton-Harris, says loneliness has been something he has seen while out campaigning for votes in the constituency.

Speaking to BBC Northampton at the count about the election campaign, Mr Heaton Harris said the message was clear on what people wanted.

"The campaign was initially wet, then very cold, then wet again, people are saying they want the deadlock broken in Parliament and to get Brexit done," he said.

Referring to some of the fallouts during the campaign, he said spats happen all the time.

"We have to keep you media folk busy. Some of the spats are manufactured to be quite frank. We all work to a grid and we know what issue we want to raise. Ours was a straightforward message to get Brexit done and move on," he added.

Mr Heaton-Harris has been Daventry MP for ten years up to his election and was asked how things had changed during that time.

"It has changed dramatically in that time - I am still not sure social media is a good thing and it is certainly not if you are a female MP.

"I think people know who their MPs are now and I'm not sure they used to.

"I have come across a fair bit of loneliness when I've been out and about, so the first thing I am going to do is find some money from chairty so those people get some social activity and a nice Christmas.

"We need to move on with Brexit. I would like to thnk it is one of the first things that will be done so people know where they are standing."

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