Councillors grant licence for food van to open on Daventry business park

The food van was applying for a licence to pitch up at Royal Oak Way North in Daventry
The food van was applying for a licence to pitch up at Royal Oak Way North in Daventry

Councillors have awarded a licence for a food van to open on a Daventry business park despite complaints from companies who would be near the vehicle.

An application was submitted to Daventry District Council by Ms Andreea Raiciu for a licence for a new food van, which would be located on Royal Oak Way North on the Royal Oak industrial estate.

Two nearby businesses, The Knotweed Company and Intershape Ltd, had both raised objections to the application saying it will add to parking problems in the area, and also potentially cause a nuisance with litter and smell. They also complained about the proposed trading times of 7am to 8pm, seven days a week.

But members of Daventry District Council’s licensing committee convened on Tuesday (November 5) and heard from the applicant before quickly deciding to grant her a licence.

Ms Raiciu told councillors: “I’m confident that the problems are not starting with me. I have only applied for seven days because I want to check which days and hours are the best, because at the beginning it’s always difficult to know. I would reduce the time to five to six hours day and and eight to nine hours maximum per day.”

A written representation from The Knotweed Company had stated: “We already experience unpleasant issues from littering in the area from parked vehicles, and parts of our yard area are regularly fouled with human urine and excrement. The site will also cause issues with unpleasant cooking smells.”

Asked by Councillor Mike Warren whether the van would have filters to prevent odours and smells, she added: “Of course. It’s impossible to work without them because it’s a small workplace.”

Ms Raiciu told councillors she didn’t want to invest in the van until she could find out whether she would be awarded a licence.

Councillor Warren, the chairman of the committee, said they had ‘taken into account’ the representations from nearby businesses but that they were minded to grant the licence. It is expected the van will be open for business in the New Year.