Candidates announced for Daventry District Council elections

Daventry District Council Offices ENGNNL00120131022090525
Daventry District Council Offices ENGNNL00120131022090525

Candidates for the upcoming council elections on May 7 have been confirmed by Daventry District Council.

Twelve wards are to be contested. They are listed in bold with the current incumbent and below the candidates standing for each ward.

Abbey South - Currently held by Chris Over (Conservatives)

Jennifer Leighton - UKIP

Mark Wesley - Conservatives

Rich Williams - Labour

Abbey North Ward - Currently held by Luke Maureen (Labour)

David James - Conservatives

Luke Maureen - Labour

Peter John Scriven - UKIP

Barby & Kilsby - Currently held by Richard Atterbury (Conservatives)

Brian Lomax Liberal Democrats

Betty Ritchie - Labour

Ian Robertson - Conservatives

Brixworth - Currently held by Liz Wiig (UKIP)

Robert Mcnally - Labour

Steve Whiffen -Green Party

Nick Bunting - Conservatives

Drayton - Currently held by Olwen Loud (Labour)

Inge Nina Freudenreich - Liberal Democrats

Amy Howard - Conservatives

Steve Pointer - UKIP

Ken Ritchie - Labour and Co-operative Party

Tim Wilson - Independent

Hill Ward - Currently held by Wayne Howard (Conservatives)

Mike Arnold - Labour

Wayne Howard - Conservatives

Eric Macanndrais - UKIP

Long Buckby - Currently held by Elizabeth Diana Osborne (Conservatives)

Ian Dexter - UKIP

Chris Myers - Labour

Diana Elizabeth Osborne - Conservatives

Moulton - Currently held by Daniel Peter Cribbin (Conservatives)

Mark Anthony Gunther - Labour

Kevin Peter White - Green Party

Daniel Peter Cribbin - Conservatives

Walgrave - Currently held by Ann Carter (Conservatives)

Peter Luke - Labour

Kevin Edward Simons - Independent

Stuart Edward Tite - Green Party

Ann Carter - Conservatives

Weedon - Currently held by Eddie Reeves (Conservatives)

Johnnie Amos - Conservatives

John Clifford Gale - UKIP

Ray Ogden - Labour

Christopher R Salaman - Liberal Democrats

Welford - Currently held by Luke Major (Conservatives)

Richard Auger - Conservatives

Pam Booker - UKIP

Sue Myers - Labour

Woodford - Currently held by Jo Gilford (Conservatives)

Emma Marsh - Labour

Sappho Webb - Green Party

Jo Gilford - Conservatives