Businesses object to planned food van on Daventry industrial estate

The food van is applying for a licence to pitch up at Royal Oak Way North
The food van is applying for a licence to pitch up at Royal Oak Way North

Daventry businesses are objecting to a new food van potentially opening near them for 13 hours a day.

An application has been submitted to Daventry District Council by Andreea Raiciu for a licence for a new food van, which would be located on Royal Oak Way North on the Royal Oak industrial estate.

But two nearby businesses, The Knotweed Company and Intershape Ltd, have both raised objections to the application saying it will add to parking problems in the area, and also potentially cause a nuisance with litter and smell.

The written representation from the director of The Knotweed Company, Brian Taylor, states: “There are already street parking issues in this road and we experience issues with third parties trying to use our private yard for parking their vehicles. This application will only make things worse and the trading times of 7am to 8pm, seven days a week will cause considerable issues and impact to the area.

“We already experience unpleasant issues from littering in the area from parked vehicles, and parts of our yard area are regularly fouled with human urine and excrement. The site will also cause issues with unpleasant cooking smells.”

Another representation from Intershape’s managing director Paul Butland adds: “Granting a licence would further restrict the already scarce available HGV parking and bring in additional traffic to an already at times highly congested area.

“If a licence is granted I do suggest you consider restricting trading in the six to eight weeks pre Christmas, as at that time trucks roll up and down the area every few minutes in an out of the Amazon and XPO units.”

Licensing officer Andrea Hill, in a report that will be read by councillors prior to their meeting on Tuesday (November 5), writes: “There has not previously been a licensed street trader in this particular pitch. Historically there have been traders in locations up and down Prospect Way, which is just around the corner from here. The trader on Prospect Way has been there at least 10 years.”

The applicant has not yet purchased a trailer as they wish to see if they are likely to get a permit before spending any money on a trailer and gaining public liability insurance.

A representation was also received from Daventry Town Council, but was submitted after the 14-day consultation deadline. Councillors will determine whether to take the submission into account when they make their decision on whether to grant the licence.