Alcohol and music licence granted for potential new wedding venue in Northamptonshire

Flore House has been granted a music and alcohol licence.Flore House has been granted a music and alcohol licence.
Flore House has been granted a music and alcohol licence.
There are a number of conditions, but alcohol and music have been given the go-ahead

An application for an alcohol and music licence for a proposed wedding venue in a village near Daventry has been granted with a number of conditions.

The premises licence was approved for Flore House, a Grade II listed Jacobean hunting lodge in The Avenue, Flore, permitting live music, recorded music and the supply of alcohol.

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Flore Parish Council and some residents objected to the application on grounds which included the potential for the increase in traffic and noise.

West Northamptonshire Council's Licensing Sub Committee for the Daventry area considered the application at a hearing on Tuesday (June 15).

The council's licensing statement said: "The residential house is where the applicant lives and she wishes to establish a wedding venue.

"Rooms are currently hired out as an Air BnB for paying guests, but they do not currently provide alcohol.

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"These proposed licensable activities are all between 10:00hrs and 00:00hrs on some days in the summer, on lesser hours earlier in the week, and predominantly for events later in the week."

Following the hearing, the committee issued the following Notice of Decision: "Having considered the representations received from the applicant, local residents and Northamptonshire Police, the licensing sub-committee has decided to grant the application for a premises licence.

"The granting of this licence is without prejudice to any requirement to obtain planning permission.

"The decision of the licensing sub-committee to grant the premises licence applied is subject to the conditions proposed by the applicant through their operating schedule, the conditions agreed between the applicant and Northamptonshire Police, and the additional conditions put forward by the licensing sub-committee.

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"Reasons for decision: The committee considered that the proposed conditions are robust enough to satisfy the council’s licensing objectives."

Additional conditions agreed by the committee pertaining to the granting of the licence include:

-Vehicle parking shall be within the confines of Flore House only.

-An individual risk assessment shall be undertaken prior to each planned event.

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-There shall be sufficient door and SIA staff in attendance for each planned event.

-Children allowed on the premises by prior arrangement must be accompanied by an appropriate adult.

-Immediate neighbours in the vicinity of Flore House are to be notified at least one week in advance of a planned event taking place.