Police urge caution after rings are taken in roadside scam


A wedding ring and eternity ring were taken during an incident in Weedon on Monday.

Police have reported two women in a dark coloured car approached the female victim who was walking along the street.

One of the women got out and asked the victim for directions to the ‘big hospital’ in broken English.

After receiving directions, one of the assailants offered her ‘thanks’ by placing a necklace around the victim’s neck as a gift. It was only later when the victim realised a necklace she had already been wearing, which carried the wedding and eternity rings, was missing.

The wedding ring has an engraving saying ‘I Love You 3 Apr 1989.’

The theft happened at 9.50am and police are urging people who find themselves in a similar situation to walk away. Anyone with information can call police on 101.