Police to help teens with fundraising goal

Jake Conopo ( 17 ), Darren Goode ( 19 ), Dominic Aprigliano ( 14 ), Glen Midson ( 16 ) & PCSO Sarah Gray
Jake Conopo ( 17 ), Darren Goode ( 19 ), Dominic Aprigliano ( 14 ), Glen Midson ( 16 ) & PCSO Sarah Gray

A GROUP of teenagers from a village is aiming to improve their community with a fundraising event.

The group from Long Buckby has organised a football match to help raise funds for a youth shelter.

Jake Conopo, 17, said: “Me and my mate were just sitting on the playing field a couple of weeks ago when it started raining and we thought what would be good was somewhere we could go that would be dry.

“There is a shelter at the moment, but it’s not got any sides, so if it rains and it’s windy we get soaked. We got talking about how we could raise the cash and I came up with the idea of a football match between us and the police.

“A couple of nights later the local police came to the playing field and we told them what we were thinking and they were up for it.”

The young people then organised the use of the pitch with Long Buckby Football Club and have secured the loan of a strip and water bottles for their side to use.

Money will be raised towards the cost of a new shelter through donations on the gate.

Long Buckby’s Pcso Sarah Gray said: “We are supporting this event and are very proud of the efforts of the local young people in creating a positive solution to a local issue.”

Jake said: “People think all young people are all about is ‘Asbos’ and underage drinking, but we wanted to show we can help our village out.

“We don’t all run around doing criminal damage – we want to do something for our village and also to build better relations with the police.”

The match kicks off at 3pm on Sunday, August 14, at the football club in Station Road.