Police target antisocial behaviour in Daventry

POLICE officers have started work at Wimborne Place on the Ashby Fields estate in Daventry to bring an end to antisocial behaviour.

Members of the Daventry Safer Community Team are working with Daventry District Council and Enterprise to bring an end to the problems which has seen broken glass left on a playground.

Temporary inspector for the Daventry Safer Community Team Paul Valentine said: “We are pooling all our resources and seeing if we can come up with a solution.

“For instance, we have heard there is broken glass and anecdotally from people, that there are needles up there, we want to make sure that is cleared up as quickly as possible.

“This is not a big problem for us at the moment but we want to prevent it from becoming a major issue for us in the future.

“We will also look to work with some of the young people to find out why they are doing this and also make them aware of their actions.”