Police shocked by violence in Daventry attack


A man was kicked, punched and headbutted in two separate attacks outside a nightclub, by two people who did not know him, or each other.

Both Daniel Kalinski and Tara Granfield attacked the victim in “completely unprovoked” assaults outside The Square in Daventry, leaving him bloodied and bruised.

Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard Kalinski attacked the man first, headbutting, kicking him in the stomach and punching him after he’d “pestered” a female friend.

Then Granfield punched him in the face and stamped repeatedly on his head.

The attacks happened at about 3am on September 14 and were witnessed by police officers, one of whom said they “could not believe” what they had seen.

Both Kalinski, 18, of Tennyson Road, Daventry, and Granfield, 21, of The Dingle, Daventry, admitted causing actual bodily harm. Kalinski was told to expect a prison term.

Wendy Westrope, prosecuting, told the court that Kalinski pushed the victim in the chest, before rocking back and forward and headbutting him.

He punched him to the floor, started kicking him in the stomach, and left him bloodied with a swollen lip.

After being detained, Kalinski told officers: “Yeah, I headbutted him. He was starting on my friend.”

Granfield, who had been drinking and smoking cannabis, then carried out her attack.

Shona Lockwood, mitigating for Kalinski, said: “He had been out with his friends and there had been no problems.

“The injured party started pestering a female friend, saying he was going to take her home. He accepts his actions were completely unacceptable, and out of character.”

The court was also told Granfield had mental health issues.

Both defendants will be sentenced at Northampton Crown Court next month.