Police set targets for New Year

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DAVENTRY’S top police officer has set out her ambitions for 2011 after celebrating a year of ‘amazing’ results.

Inspector Julia Potts, sector commander for the town, says one of the key aims in the new year will be to make sure the force continues to improve its relationship with the community it serves.

She also wants to build on this year’s results, which have seen total crime around the district drop by about 14 per cent.

Insp Potts said: “From my point of view it’s been an amazing year for the police. We’ve had some really good results and I feel we’ve worked with the community very well.

“I can’t thank the public enough for the information they’ve given us. Without that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results we have.

“What I want us to do now is build on that and fine tune some of the things we do. We just need to grow together and in the community so we can continue to make a difference. That’s the key thing for next year, and if that happens I think we can reduce the crime rate even further.

“We also held open days in Daventry a few weeks ago and we will be using the feedback we received to help set policing priorities for the town.”

Speaking about this year’s highlights Insp Potts said she was particularly happy with the capture of 12 criminals who were linked to more than 60 burglaries in Daventry.

After the gang were arrested in March, burglary in the town fell by 42 per cent.

They were sent to prison for a total of 27 years in August.

Insp Potts said: “Following those arrests we started to see a drop in burglary and car crime, literally overnight.

“We were suffering with those problems but after the arrests it was amazing how that just all of a sudden stopped.

“That was a great result for us and meant we were then able to focus on other matters in the district such as anti-social behaviour.”

Officers have also seen 86 fewer cases of criminal damages this year, while vehicle crime has been reduced by 39 per cent.

Insp Potts added: “We visited 1,500 homes on the Headlands and Timken Estate to offer free safety advice. Following that we gave some of those people free door and window locks and new fences to help with security.

“The officers have also been doing a lot of work with young people in the district to get them involved in positive activities and keep them away from anti-social behaviour.

“Back in the spring we also set up formal contracts with all of the schools in the district and we are now doing things like having an input in assemblies and helping with matters like bullying and road safety. Hopefully all that good work can continue in 2011.”